Sailing Dreams, Navigating Reality.

A sailing ship, also known as a sailboat or sailing vessel, is a watercraft that relies primarily on wind power to move across the water. These vessels are equipped with sails, masts, and rigging systems that harness the wind’s energy to propel the ship forward. Sailing ships have a rich history and have been used for various purposes, including exploration, trade, transportation, and recreation.

Sailing ships come in various sizes and types, from small dinghies and sailboards to large tall ships and yachts. They offer a unique and environmentally friendly way to travel and enjoy the water, combining both tradition and modern technology in their design and operation. Sailing enthusiasts often appreciate the sense of adventure and connection to nature that sailing ships provide.

Star Clippers 👇

Star Clippers is a cruise company that specializes in operating tall ships for luxury sailing adventures. Founded in 1991, the company offers a unique and distinctive experience for travelers who want to explore the world’s most beautiful and exotic destinations while enjoying the romance and elegance of traditional sailing vessels.

Star Clippers’ fleet consists of three tall ships: the Royal Clipper, the Star Clipper, and the Star Flyer. These ships are designed to resemble historic clipper ships while offering modern amenities and comforts. Passengers have the opportunity to relax on deck, participate in sailing activities, visit stunning ports of call, and enjoy various onboard activities and amenities.

Star Clippers cruises often take travelers to picturesque locations in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and other regions, providing a one-of-a-kind sailing adventure for those who appreciate both the thrill of the sea and the luxury of a cruise vacation.


A barque is a type of sailing ship characterized by having three or more masts with square sails on the foremast and mainmast and fore-and-aft sails on the mizzenmast. These ships were commonly used for long-distance ocean voyages during the Age of Sail. Barques were known for their versatility and ability to sail efficiently with a smaller crew compared to other types of sailing vessels. Today, while traditional barques are less common, they are still used for training purposes, maritime heritage, and occasionally for commercial or private sailing adventures.

Sealink ⏬

Sealink is a company that provides ferry and shipping services, primarily in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They operate a fleet of vessels that transport passengers, vehicles, and cargo between various ports and destinations. Sealink plays a crucial role in facilitating transportation and connectivity between islands and coastal regions, making it an essential part of maritime transportation infrastructure. Over the years, Sealink has contributed to the accessibility and accessibility of remote and island communities, ensuring they remain connected to the mainland.

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